May 16, 2017

Episode #015 - Jenny Vergara, Food Writer/Editor & Test Kitchen Founder


Jenny has hands down the best voice that has ever graced the mics on the podcast. But her vocal chords aren’t the reason she came to hang out with us. Though she may not admit it, Jenny is bona-fide foodie, a role she has been cultivating for the last few years. She’s an incredibly gifted writer, which she exercises daily as the FEAST Magazine Contributing Editor for Kansas City and she started one of the dopest things in Kansas City we never knew existed: Test Kitchen. It is as cool as it sounds and it’s something you can be a part of. Jenny shares some great stories from the Test Kitchen as well as her journey to Foodie-dom.

You can find Jenny on Facebook: and catch up with her on her fantastic blog - You can also check out what’s going on in the KC food scene (spoiler – a lot) and don’t forget to visit the Test Kitchen at

This episode features music by: Joakim KarudJahzzarJon Luc Hefferman & Antony Raijekov


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