October 19, 2017

Episode #017 - Ryan & Adam, Pt. 3: The Comeback


We're not dead! At least not at the point we are pushing "Publish" on this episode. We hope you have had a lovely last 5 months without The Sixth Degree in your ears. To anyone that has missed us: we hope you will accept our apologies for the unplanned absence. To anyone that *hasn't* missed us: well, we feel your pain and promise to be just as lazy and apathetic with this podcast going forward.

Speaking of lazy and apathetic, that's kind of how we sound in this episode. Yay! As we discuss, our long break was mostly due to both of us moving across town at roughly the same time. Pure coincidence, we promise! That long break was then mostly extended due to new house/schedule busy-ness and generally bad packing techniques when it comes to podcasting gear. We recorded this over a month ago (as you can tell by the dated pop culture references) and I debated whether to even put it out into the open due to the technical glitches from a shoddy gear setup (the pops & clicks in the audio). We hope that audio issue will work itself out in the next few episodes. Do know that we are aware of it.

Speaking of the next few episodes, we have some and hope to be pushing them to your pod streams soon & very soon. 

Thanks for being a faithful listener of The Sixth Degree podcast. Enjoy!



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