March 2, 2018

Episode #T01 - The Enneagram



Happy 2018, everybody! New year, new season, new format for the podcast! Well, partially. We are still going to be releasing our typical interview-style podcasts here & there in the future, but will also be releasing a shorter, more frequent "Topic Edition" version of the show. In these we will focus on a topic we find interesting or that you the listener have picked for us to discuss. As per our normal dad-ness, these will likely be topics that become outdated the moment we think about discussing them. 

This week we're talking about the Enneagram, a personality typing system that all the kids are talking about these days.


Here are a few Enneagram resources to get you started:

Type descriptions:

Free test (the one Adam takes on the show):

Paid test:

Typology podcast:

The Liturgists "Enneagram" episode:

"The Road Back To You" book:

Richard Rohr Enneagram book:

As we discuss on the show, these are great entry-level resources but the Enneagram is as deep as you'd like to dig! 



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